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                Zhejiang BUAN LOCKS Co., Ltd.

                Contact person:President Huang


                address:No. 8, Jingwu Road, Tongqin Industrial Park, Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

                On December 31, 2019, Zhejiang bu'an lock industry Co., Ltd. established an acceptance working group in accordance with the notice on standardizing the environmental protection acceptance of construction projects completed by construction units and the administrative measures for environmental protection of construction projects in Zhejiang Province (Order No. 364 of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government), Zhejiang bu'an lock Industry Co., Ltd. organized the site inspection meeting for environmental protection acceptance of 1.8 million sets of lock production line. The acceptance team is composed of Representatives and professional technical experts from Zhejiang bu'an lock Co., Ltd., the construction unit, Zhejiang Fenghe Testing Technology Co., Ltd., the preparation unit of acceptance monitoring report, and Zhejiang Tianchuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the EIA unit. The list is attached.

                According to the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, technical specifications for environmental protection acceptance of construction projects, environmental impact report form of construction projects and d0cuments approved by the report form, the acceptance team conducted on-site inspection meeting on environmental protection facilities of construction projects, and reviewed the contents of acceptance monitoring report and operation management data of environmental protection facilities, according to the environmental protection management measures of construction projects and enterprises According to the relevant requirements of self acceptance, the acceptance opinions are as follows:

                1、 Basic information of the project

                (1) Construction site, scale and main construction contents

                Zhejiang bu'an lock Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the production of locks. It is located at No. 8 Jingwu Road, Weiliu East Road, Tongqin Industrial Zone, Wuyi County, with a construction area of 11965m2. The actual investment of the enterprise is 6 million yuan, including 100000 yuan for environmental protection, which reaches the production capacity of 1.8 million sets of locks per year. The project has been put on record in Wuyi County Economic and commercial bureau with the record number of 2019-330723-33-03-805210-000.

                (2) Construction process and environmental protection approval

                In October 2019, the enterprise entrusted Zhejiang Tianchuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to prepare the environmental impact registration form of Zhejiang bu'an lock industry Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 1.8 million sets of lockset production line project (regional environmental impact assessment + environmental standard), which was approved by Jinhua Ecological Environment Bureau on November 5, 2019, with the approval d0cument number of Jinhua jianwubei 2019196.

                (3) Investment

                The actual total investment of the project is 6 million yuan, of which the environmental protection investment is 100000 yuan, accounting for 1.67% of the total investment.

                (4) Acceptance scope

                This acceptance is the overall acceptance of the project, and the implementation of environmental protection equipment (measures) of the acceptance project.

                2、 Project changes

                Production process: the production process is consistent with the EIA.

                Production equipment: the production equipment is consistent with the EIA.

                In terms of raw materials and auxiliary materials, the types and consumption of raw and auxiliary materials are consistent with the EIA and match the current production capacity.

                Pollution prevention and control: the pollution prevention and control measures are consistent with the EIA.

                General layout: Overall, the production layout of the project is consistent with the descr1ption of EIA.

                There are no significant changes to the project.

                3、 Construction of environmental protection facilities

                List of main pollution sources, pollutant treatment and discharge

                4、 Commissioning effect of environmental protection facilities

                Environmental protection acceptance monitoring report of Zhejiang bu'an lock Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 1.8 million sets of lock production line project (Fenghe testing (2019) No. 12-036). During the acceptance monitoring period, the acceptance monitoring results are as follows:

                (1) Waste water

                The pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids and daily mean value of five day biochemical oxygen demand measured at the outlet of domestic sewage meet the third class standard in Table 4 of integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB 8978-1996), among which the ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus discharge meet other enterprise standards of Zhejiang provincial local standard limits for indirect discharge of nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants from industrial wastewater (DB 33 / 887-2013).

                (2) Noise

                The daytime noise at the plant boundary of the project meets the class 3 standard limits specified in the emission standard for industrial enterprises noise at boundary (GB 12348-2008).

                (3) Solid waste

                The leftover materials generated in the project are collected and sold; the waste emulsion and waste engine oil are collected and entrusted to Dongyang Yiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for disposal; the domestic waste is collected and delivered to the environmental sanitation department for unified cleaning and transportation.

                5、 Impact of engineering construction on Environment

                According to the acceptance monitoring report, during the trial production of the construction unit, the waste water and waste gas environmental protection facilities are in normal operation, the pollutant discharge can reach the relevant standard limits, and the surrounding environmental quality meets the requirements of the corresponding functional areas.

                6、 Acceptance conclusion

                Zhejiang bu'an lock industry Co., Ltd. has complete environmental protection procedures, implemented the requirements of "three Simultaneities" for environmental protection, and basically completed the acceptance data. The environmental protection measures have been completed in accordance with the requirements of EIA and approval, and various perfect environmental protection management systems have been established. The main pollutant indicators meet the requirements of corresponding pollutant emission standards and meet the requirements of EIA and EIA According to the filing form, there is no unqualified situation specified in the Interim Measures for environmental protection acceptance of completed construction projects (No. 4 [2017] of State Environmental Planning), and the acceptance team agrees that the environmental protection facilities of waste water, waste gas and noise of the project pass the environmental protection acceptance of the completion of the construction project.

                According to the d0cument requirements of the Interim Measures for environmental protection acceptance of completed construction projects (No. 4 [2017] of the State Environmental Planning and environmental assessment), the acceptance of the solid waste environmental protection treatment facilities of the project shall be organized by the local environmental protection department.

                7、 Follow up requirements

                1. Organize production in strict accordance with the contents of the EIA d0cuments and their replies, strictly implement the requirements of environmental protection related laws, regulations and standards, and strengthen the disclosure of information;

                2. We will improve the standardized construction of hazardous waste storage, including classified storage, anti-corrosion, anti-seepage and leakage prevention, interception and drainage, and identification, label and label, and strengthen the management of hazardous waste registration account and transfer form.

                3. Enterprises should improve the long-term environmental protection management mechanism, and do a good job in the relevant environmental management regulations and systems.

                Zhejiang bu'an lock Co., Ltd

                December 31, 2019

                address:No. 8, Jingwu Road, Tongqin Industrial Park, Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

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