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Ellensburg Wine Festival

Farmers Market

Annual Ellensburg National
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Dachshunds on Parade

Farmers Market


Jazz in the Valley

Farmers Market


Whisky Dick Triathlon

Farmers Market


Kittitas County Fair

Ellensburg Rodeo

Paint Ellensburg

Farmers Market


Ellensburg Film Festival

Farmers Market


Moments to Remember


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September Every Year
Gallery One
(509) 925-2670

Insider info: It’s interesting to see what types of creations artists will come up with when they have only 24 hours to do it and aren’t permitted to sleep. But, fortunately for us, Ellensburg is filled with talented professionals who are up to the task. This fun event allows onlookers to watch the artist in action. They’re kept awake with live music and food for 24 hours, starting usually in the afternoon of the first day, and finishing up the event the following day with an auction of their newly created works. Paint Ellensburg is usually paired with wine tasting, a volksmarch and other activities. Proceeds from the auction go to Gallery One, a non-profit, public visual arts center.
A few tidbits on the event:
• This is a kid-friendly event, with art exercises on hand for children.
• There are free activities.
• Some artists get really creative, taking their work to the streets and throughout Ellensburg.
• Artists will create in many mediums, including paint, wood and sculpture.
• More than 40 artists sign up.
• The art is auctioned off at the end of the event on Saturday evening so pick your favorite & come ready to bid.

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