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Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering




Ellensburg Wine Festival

Farmers Market

Annual Ellensburg National
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Dachshunds on Parade

Farmers Market


Jazz in the Valley

Farmers Market


Whisky Dick Triathlon

Farmers Market


Kittitas County Fair

Ellensburg Rodeo

Paint Ellensburg

Farmers Market


Ellensburg Film Festival

Farmers Market


Moments to Remember


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February Every Year
Various Ellensburg venues

Insider info: Some of the funniest, most moving poetry you’ll hear will be at this year’s Spirit of the West event. Cowboys stroll the streets of downtown Ellensburg mingling with the locals and city folk. Main stage concerts, downtown venues, gear and art shows, dances, open mic sessions and workshops are all fused into one great event. Now entering its fourth year it is growing and offering more fun each year! The poets and musicians from National, regional and local levels turn Ellensburg into a living postcard. Past award winning performers have been Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, Sons of the San Joaquin, Baxter Black, Paul Zarzyski, RW Hampton, Juni Fisher, Cowboy Celtic, Wylie and the Wild West, Sour Dough Slim, Rockin’ HW, Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue, and Belinda Gail and Curly Musgrave. Each year brings many entertainers back along with new faces.
A few tidbits on the festival:
• Many shows sell out, so get your tickets early.
• Hotels get filled up so make your reservations early.
• This is a great event for everyone, even those not familiar with the cowboy way of life.
• There are kid-friendly events.
• For the best seats, show up early.
• Tickets are available for individual shows or as a weekend pass.
• Great variety of things to see and do.

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